a word of grace

Maybe, “We interrupt this program for a special news bulletin!” grabs your attention. How about, “We interrupt your life for a special word from God?” We need to be clear about God, who He is, how does He work, what does He do, and what does He say. God is not a fuzzy God and we don’t need a fuzzy view of who He is and what He does. God makes Himself known, God shows up, God speaks. Where does your life today need interrupted by a “special news bulletin” from God?

In 1 Kings 20 there were two voices to hear but only one to listen to. Ben-Hadad, the king of Syria, had attacked Israel and demanded all the gold and silver, best women and children (and more), or else. “Thus saith Ben-Hadad of Syria.” He flaunted his power and wealth with 32 princes and over 100,000 foot soldiers and countless chariots. Who was going to stop him?

Then a prophet of the Lord showed up to King Ahab of Israel. “Thus saith the LORD: I will give all this multitude army into your hand today and you will know that I am the Lord.” This is exciting and good news. “You won’t lose today, this is not for nothing, look what I’m going to do.” When does it all seem hopeless to you? When do you get the short end of the stick and no stick left, and God says, “I will give you victory, it’s my battle to fight and I will win, you will know I am the Lord today?” How does that sound to you?

That day, 7,232 Israelite common folk and bureaucrat politicians defeated the army of Syria. It was David vs. Goliath, Gideon’s 300 men vs hordes of Midianites, Joshua vs. the walls of Jericho, Moses vs. Pharaoh. Who’s going to win? Who always wins? Who wins before the battle starts? To whom does the battle belong? Thus saith the Lord, “I will give you victory and you will know that I am God.”

This is not because Ahab was a great man of God who loved the Lord and deserved His favor. Truth is, he did not seek the Lord His God in time of battle, nor did he and Israel celebrate with worship and sacrifice when God gave them the victory. How strange that God would show His grace to Ahab and Israel, this king who did more evil than anyone before or since, and this people who abandoned and forgot their Lord. How could a holy God show such grace, mercy, and forgiveness?

But God does show His grace, He speaks a word of grace, He gives the victory. He interrupts your life with a special word. God gives grace to Ahab and Israel and uses them in a victory against Syria. What’s so amazing about grace? What’s not so amazing about grace? Grapple and marvel at God’s grace today. Ahab and Israel did nothing to deserve this second chance. What did they really deserve for their rebellion and evil? How could holy God show such grace to an evil king and abandoning people, or a farmer or rancher, a businessman, electrician, or teacher? We all deserve punishment for sin, yet in Christ we can receive grace. We get a second chance, we get forgiveness and pardon, we get born again and new life, we get victory. Believe on Christ.

Do you need a word of grace today? “I will give you victory, you will know that I am God.” Are you listening to this special news bulletin? How does that impact your life, your time, money, service, thoughts, and priorities? Marvel at God’s grace today and live each day by God’s grace. The gospel of Jesus is good news. If you’ve heard the word of God’s gospel and His grace, open your ears, don’t ignore His word today. Pay attention to the special new bulletin.