AWANA Truthseekers and Thrivent team up

The Children’s AWANA TruthSeeker volunteers and the generosity of a Thrivent Action Team made this evening’s event possible. Organizers met, planned and prayed for opportunity. Needed material and supplies were ordered and purchased using the Community Impact Card. Advertising and hand-out flyers were distributed a week prior to promote the project. Family, friends and guests were invited to join regular attenders at the Community Center at 7:30pm on Wednesday December 18th, 2019. We sang Christmas Carols and had cookies. A Christmas gift was given to each family.

Attendance was doubled that evening from our usual 30 to over 60. It was a fun and festive evening enjoyed by all who attended. The gift that was given to families was a book titled “THE GIFT” by Glen Scrivener.

THE GIFT is a wonderful reflection on the act of giving presents. The gospel is wrapped up in this humble and winsome writing. It is both encouraging and inspiring as it shares the real meaning of Christmas. This book points people to Jesus, God’s greatest gift! We are truly appreciative and grateful for the assistance and difference the Thrivent Action Team made!