Book review: Mere Hope

Jason Duesing is an established author and professor. His newest book, Mere Hope, is written to all Christians in need of hope in the midst of this cynical, crazy, and difficult world. He purposes, “My aim in this book is to remind and establish the certainty that hope still lives. For those in darkness, despairing, discouragement, trials, sufferings, injustice, and any other besetting maladies, hope can be found.” He provides excellent theology and exposition and is faithful to bring out specific areas of Scripture in dealing with the need and search for hope. He has cleverly structured the book to “look down, in, out, and up” for hope, and this is an effective writing device, clear and accessible. Jason Duesing provides lots of quotes and references, from the ancient church to Dahl and Tolkien and Lewis to present day authors such as John Piper; perhaps he is too bogged down or distracting in the multitude of references. Another possible negative of the book is its flat writing, a bit dry, not a lot of “umph!” None-the-less, Dr. Duesing achieves his purpose in the end. Hope is real, can be found, and is in Christ alone. He concludes, “Tolkien’s fellowship, searching for help in the dark corridor, found a faint source of light, and by it, were able to move forward in their quest. As bearers of the light of God’s Word, gathered in local church fellowships joined and indwell by God Himself, believers traverse the darkness of an age of cynicism sharing the good news of gospel hope, until evil is destroyed and the King returns. Yes, the greatest eucatastrophe is yet to come, on the wings of the phoenix-like Savior, risen from the dead, and coming soon. Until that day, we live with a mere hope.”

This book was provided to me at no cost for the purpose of review.  I was not obligated to write a positive review.