the trumpets trumpeting

Do you hear the warning signs? Do you pay attention to the warning signs? The wailing police car siren, the beeping smoke alarm, and the sharp pain in your chest are all indications of “something’s wrong.” It’s easy to ignore these things and tune them out, to go about “business as usual.” We pacify ourselves with drink and drugs, relationships, and social media feeds, ignoring the “noise,” but the warnings still sound. They warn something else is coming. How do you respond?

There are warning signs all around you today if you pay attention. There are wars and rumors of wars. Nations rise against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms. There are famines and earthquakes and tsunamis in various places. False teachers and false prophets smile and entice you to follow them. These are all warning signs that, “something big” is coming. How do you respond?

Trumpets are a kind of warning, aren’t they? Trumpets have a bright and brash sound that pierces the air. A trumpet will wake you up. Trumpets sound “revile” when it’s time to get up and they sound “taps” when it’s time to rest. They’re blown to rally the troops, to alert the bystanders. They announce the coming of a king. Do you hear the sound of trumpets today? How do you respond?

You see, God is blowing His trumpets today to warn us of coming judgment. He blew the trumpet to warn the people of His presence when He showed up in Exodus. God told the Israelites to blow the trumpet on a solemn day once a year, every year, to remind them of Himself and to rally them to His cause. Joshua blew the trumpets around Jericho to warn them that destruction was coming. Gideon blew the trumpets just before the Israelites trounced Midian in battle. The seven trumpets of Revelation are being blown today; the wars and rumors of wars, nations against nations and kingdoms against kingdoms, the famines and earthquakes and tsunamis in various places, the false teachers and false prophets, are all warning us that something is coming. Something big is coming. God’s judgment is coming. How do you respond?

Are you listening to the warnings? Are you prepared and ready for this judgment? Let those who have ears to hear, hear. Get right with God. You must be born again to live in His kingdom. Repent and turn to Him while you still have time, while you still hear the trumpets. After the trumpets sound, it will be too late.