This Is Our Time

This Is Our Time is a powerful and insightful book. It’s philosophical, historical, and cultural analysis is thought-provoking and penetrating. It is well-written, including narrative, biographical, and factual passages, engaging the reader to further think and discuss and live out its conclusions. The author spends approximately 30 pages on each topic, (not just a brief overview but serious interaction), and gives perspective on knowing today’s times in terms of smart phones and technology, shopping, movies and entertainment, politics, marriage and sexual relations, happiness, and government. He calls us to our response as Christians, as the church, and his conclusions are biblical, counter-cultural to what we may be thinking or what is presented to us by the world. He encourages us to “put on our gospel glasses to see through the ‘normalcy’ of our time, “ and he concludes, “I hope these snapshots, limited as they are, will strengthen your faith in the gospel: the good news that is true, good and beautiful.” His premise throughout each chapter remains the same: “The Christian worldview is not just one option among many, just one way of finding fulfillment. No! Christianity offers truth, a message that exposes false beliefs and practices.” Extensive notes and references for further reading are provided. Trevin Was has blessed the church with an accurate portrayal of the Babylon we live in today, as aliens, and how we may persevere as strangers in a strange land, towards our home in glory.

This book was provided to me at no cost for the purpose of review. I was not required to write a positive review.