weekly update

Hope you are well! At church on Sunday we will have Bible study and Sunday school for all ages at the 9:30 hour. Last Sunday Larry preached from Matthew 7:1-6, “Judge not”; the audio is available at the SERMON AUDIO tab above or our Facebook page. This Sunday we will continue on the theme of “judgment” from John 7:14-24, “Make a right judgment.”

Please pray for Terry in a motorcycle accident and his failing health. We remember Christopher and others in the CA wildfires. We PRAISE God for a good fall play and all the students and teachers who worked hard. We pray for Sean’s possible travels and all military families and personnel who are serving this holiday season. Please remember Chuck’s mom and dad in poor health and house repairs. We pray for new staff at St. Joe’s school and issues with Caleb’s medicine.

We will have a Thanksgiving pot-luck this Sunday, November 18 – hope you can come out to worship and celebrate and eat with church family.

Blessings to you, keep up the good work – I encourage you to share the good news of Jesus with someone you know; no one is too lost to hear and receive the good news that Christ is Lord.