you are powerless – He is powerful

They couldn’t have been more different, yet they couldn’t have been more the same. He was a leader of the Jewish synagogue, with position and responsibility, accepted in the community. She was a poor woman plagued with disease, “unclean”, untouchable, and unwelcomed. What brought them together? They were powerless, and they both needed the power of Jesus.

Jairus, the leader, was responsible for the prayer service at the local synagogue. He arranged and organized who would read and sing and lead the worship each week. It was an important job, but he lived up to the task and performed his duties well. His despair came when his only daughter, 12 years old, lay dying. What could he do to help her? Nothing! He was powerless. Where could he turn for help? Only to Jesus.

The woman, however, had an incurable issue of blood the last 12 years and had spent all her time and money on trying to be healed. She was alone and outside the community. What could she do to help herself? Nothing! She was powerless. Where could she turn for help? Only to Jesus.

Powerless they both came to Christ and fell before Him, begging Him for help. With love and grace and great power, He raised Jairus’ daughter from the dead and healed the woman of her sickness. He had the power to restore them all to community. He had the power to give them hope and assurance of a new future. Only He has the power today to work these miracles in a person’s life.

What power do you have today, over sickness, over death, over life? We are all powerless when it comes to issues of cancer, dementia, accidents that cause paralysis, emotional and social diseases, and the sort. What can we do to help ourselves or loved ones in these times? Nothing! We are powerless. Where can we turn for help? Only to Jesus. His is the power and authority and glory. No natural or man-made element or world leader can compare. Will you come to Him today? Will you fall at His feet and seek His help in the midst of your struggle? You are powerless, but He is powerful.