Help! My life is a mess!

Well, you’ve made quite a mess of your life. Poor choices, both small and large. Whether it was the drugs and alcohol, the dishonesty, the bad relationships – it’s all just a big ball of hopeless, tangled string at this point. Dark clouds hang over you. The windshield of your life is shattered. The drama, the hurt, the pain, the fistfights, the anguish. Acting out of anger with no restraint, or lust and passion without love and commitment, or scheming with no integrity. And now, the mess. What can you do? What can I say?

I ask you about your heart and where are you at with Christ. In the beginning God created and everything was good, but man fell in sin. Now you are a sinner, by nature and by choice. You are alienated from God and under His wrath. You suffer the consequences of your own sin and when others sin against you. Your sin has gotten you to this place, and your sin is your biggest problem. All your other issues (drugs and alcohol, dishonesty, bad relationships, the drama, etc.) are results of your sin and secondary to your sin. You have to fix the sin problem in your life. Only through God’s saving work in Jesus Christ can you be rescued, reconciled, and renewed. Only Jesus can clean up your mess.

I urge you to pray. Submit to Christ. Bend your heart to Him who is Lord and King. Only He can save you. Repent of your ways, turn from your reliance on self and your “I can figure this out myself” attitude and turn to Jesus. Depend on Him in your weariness and troubles. Acknowledge that you are an enemy and hater of God, but come to Him. “Lord I need you. Lord have mercy on me a sinner. In my place condemned you stood.” He loves you and He died and took the punishment for your sins. He gives you His Spirit to make you new. He gives you a second chance. Take that step today, right now. Jesus tells you to bother Him with your issues. Bother Him.

And then, obey. Do what He says to do. Live right as He is working in you for His good purpose. Get off the drugs and alcohol. Tell the truth. Stop hanging out with “those” people who drag you down. Stop sleeping around. Get a job and work hard. Read your Bible, come to church, pray. Surround yourself with people who will love you and lift you up. Fill your head and heart with the Word of God and songs of God, not Tiktok nonsense. Build yourself up and God will work to build you up in Him. Continue in submission and dependence. You need His mercy, grace, forgiveness, love, and power every day, and He’s there for you in the middle of your mess. Lean on His everlasting arms and build your house on the rock of Jesus.

I’ll make you a bet: If you listen to my words and do this, I think you’ll start to see the mess clean up, the string untangle and straighten, the clouds dissipate. Clear skies will come. The windshield gets fixed. There will be peace in your life and family and home, maybe not tomorrow, but God will work, over time. If it doesn’t work, I’ll give you your money back. But take that first step today – go to Jesus.